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A Chile and a Spoon

A few weeks ago, we stumbled across the notice of a kind of a contest (through our Cooking Contest Central  recipe contest newsletter, I think.  This a great and inexpensive resource, by the way, for anyone who loves to cook and create … Continue reading

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Christmas for the MTV generation (and beyond)

  One of my friends who reads our blog (hi, Joe!) suggested when he heard that three of us were writing this blog that, at least occasionally, we really collaborate on it.  That is, that one of us should start a … Continue reading

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Isn’t This a GREAT Day!

One winter when we worked in the Everglades, in the “slow season” between Thanksgiving and Christmas, I was assigned to work a banquet for low-income senior citizens from Miami.  I wasn’t real thrilled about it, because my experience with traveling seniors … Continue reading

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NEW Mexico Thanksgiving memories.

A long, long, time ago,(1994) in a land where Airline Companies often offered real bargain fares, Karen and I took advantage of their largess and flew to Albuquerque, New Mexico for Thanksgiving.  Leaving on Monday or Tuesday and returning on … Continue reading

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Turkey in the straw….no, wait, the sun

So my co-authors, Michael and Karen, are inundated with snow and seriously low temps this (US) Thanksgiving week (see Michael’s post below).  By the way, I put the US in parens because if you didn’t know….and if you live in the … Continue reading

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First Real Snow of the Winter

  Yesterday (Friday, November 19 ) we woke up to the first snow of the season.  Today we have about 6″ on the ground with an expected total by Sunday of 12″.  There is only one paved road leading north … Continue reading

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Ms. Lucky

I have a cat named Lucky (or Lukita, as I call her here in Mexico, even though that’s not how you say “lucky” in Spanish).  Her street name is Lucky-DFM, which actually stands for “lucky Dalton found me.”  And it WAS … Continue reading

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So, about that left turn signal….

   If, while motoring anywhere in the US, you come up behind a vehicle with the left-hand turn signal on, it likely indicates to you that the driver wishes to turn left at the next intersection or change lanes…..or that it’s some … Continue reading

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You say Vey-Gan, I say Vee-Gun

So, as an experiment, Karen and I decided to try going completely vegan (no dairy and no animal products) throughout the month of November and I must say that it is going surprisingly well.  Neither of us has felt deprived … Continue reading

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Customer service in Mexico

  In Karen’s last post, she asked about customer service in Mexico.  Now a lot of gringos down here might tell you that there ain’t no such thing; that the phrase customer service doesn’t even have a translation down here.  … Continue reading

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