First Real Snow of the Winter

6" of snow on the patio table.


Yesterday (Friday, November 19 ) we woke up to the first snow of the season.  Today we have about 6″ on the ground with an expected total by Sunday of 12″.  There is only one paved road leading north out of the county and it is closed due to a severe accident.  So, going to Billings today (as we had planned) is out of the question.  The Interstate to the west of us is also closed due to a tractor-trailer that flipped over.  Yesterday from 7am to 7pm the Montana Highway Patrol responded to 116 accidents or slip offs.  And to top it off, today is the Cats/Griz showdown in Missoula.  I heard that at game time the wind chill in the stadium was -35.  And at 1:30 it is snowing hard again.  We must love it–we’ve been here 18 years.

Looking west down the wind-break on the south side of the house.

Looking up the driveway. Very grateful for studded snow tires.

The results of having no garage.

The birds had already eaten the sunflower seeds weeks ago.

Gray Crowned Rosy Finches that showed up five minutes after I filled the feeders.

The last apple of the season.

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6 Responses to First Real Snow of the Winter

  1. Joyce says:

    Love your photos! Stay safe and warm!

  2. flo says:

    love your pictures. I had not heard about the accident today but coming home last night we saw a suv flipped coming off the laurel to interstate area. We and everyone else was traveling 25 miles and hour. The road coming out of Billings were just awful. Those we traveled 15 and still slid through the intersection. I was so glad to get home and not leave for the next few days.

  3. Sheila says:

    Another reason I love Mexico!! No snow ever, nada! I’m so cold looking at these wonderful pictures that I had to put on a sweater. We had lots of such winter scenes where I come from in Canada. We gave our snow tires away!

  4. Joe H says:

    At least snow makes for great pictures! Although I suspect by March the suggestion of going outside to take more pictures of snow is likely to provoke a rage…

    • Karen says:

      So true, Joe! Especially with the deep, rich, long winter light on the snow for photos. And yes, by March, April, May ….. more snow tends to promote depression rather than provoke rage. The Second Real Snow of the Winter yesterday has given us even more great photo opportunities.

    • Barbara says:

      karen and michael, joe H is a fellow ex-xanterran! joe and i worked together in death valley a long time ago.

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