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Fun with Ed!!!!

About 10 days ago or so, I was in Nashville to help my son ,Michael, celebrate his 40th birthday.  He did not know I was coming and the time spent with him, Bonnie his wife, Dawn Marie  my granddaughter, Lisa my daughter … Continue reading

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Einstein versus Mule Deer

    Good old Albert Einstein said, “No two solid objects can occupy the same place at the same time!”  We experienced this law in action yesterday on the way to see some art galleries in the town of Livingston … Continue reading

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The thing I miss most

  One of my friends in the US has, for three years, been trying to get me to come back to the States, at least for a visit.  “Surely,” she’ll say, “there must be things you miss in the US while … Continue reading

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Tuxpan St. Sebastian chayacates festivities

Tuxpan, Jalisco, is located in the southwestern part of the state of Jalisco, Mexico, very near to the state of Colima.  You gotta love a place whose motto is “The Pueblo of the Eternal Fiesta,” and which welcomes you to … Continue reading

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Inspiration in the Most Unexpected Places from the Most Unexpected People

A few months ago, I wrote about a sweet and elderly stranger I was waiting on in the Everglades who, in a brief instant, brought great joy – and insight – into my moment, with her reminder to me that … Continue reading

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The barbabodes

Since I moved to Mexico almost three years ago, I’ve lived in three different abodes in three separate pueblos.  All I have been great, but the places just keep getting better and better.  When I first moved to Lake Chapala, … Continue reading

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Tres Reyes fiesta in Cajititlan

On January 7th, two of my friends and I went up to Cajititlan, Jalisco, for their tres reyes … three kings, i.e. magi … fiesta.  Cajititlan is a small town on Lake Cajititlan just over the northern mountains from us … Continue reading

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I’ve Got Eyes for You!

The seed catalogs have been arriving for about six weeks now, and, even though I drool over all the varieties of tomatoes, peppers, kale, basil, etc., I’m also quite enraptured by the varied types of the lowly potato.  And then … Continue reading

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Food costs, January 2011

After I posted my blog about grocery shopping in Jocotepec, faithful reader Joe J. commented that he would like to know what things cost down here, foodwise.  This morning I did a mercado/abarrote/Aurrera Bodega run and jotted down a few … Continue reading

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I SWEAR I went to see the guys….

This week and next, the first two weeks in January, the pueblo of Jocotepec, where I live, celebrates its patron saint, Senor del Monte, with daily parades and pilgrimages, fireworks, music, and masses at our large Catholic church.  Each day’s events are … Continue reading

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