Fun with Ed!!!!

About 10 days ago or so, I was in Nashville to help my son ,Michael, celebrate his 40th birthday.  He did not know I was coming and the time spent with him, Bonnie his wife, Dawn Marie  my granddaughter, Lisa my daughter and my Grandson Mason was precious.  First time I have been with them in a little over three years.  On the day I was leaving to come back to Montana, Dawn Marie presented me with Ed and told me he was to go with me and she wanted me to take pictures of him and send them back to her.  So here are the first few pics of Ed.  From time to time, as I get out with him a little more, I will post them for everyone to enjoy.  So far, Ed is having a great time, although he is a little homesick for Nashville.

Ed in our room at the Red Lion in Denver. Had to spend the night due to bad weather in Billings. He thought having real drinking glasses was pretty cool!

Ed decided even though the pond was frozen he wanted in it. He told me later it made his butt cold and that if he ever had tadpoles of his own, he would not let them in the pond during winter.

Here is Ed sitting on the hot tub and wearing Karen's flamingo glasses. Ed likes the hot tub better than the pond and decided he should always have a margarita of his own.

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2 Responses to Fun with Ed!!!!

  1. Gwen says:

    Ed is cute…I love the chair Ed is sitting on in photo #1

  2. Barbara says:

    i love ed! i have moodonna, my slutty stuffed cow, that travels everywhere with me. i have a picture of her at four corners….in all four states at the same time! and a picture of her on the railing outside my dorm room in flamingo. and at the north rim of the grand canyon. yada yada yada. i’ll try to remember to take a picture of her at the pacific ocean this weekend. let’s see ed top that!!!

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