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Spring in Jocotepec

Karen wrote a great post about the coming of the seed catalogs to her home in Montana, where she lolls by the fire dreaming of the coming of spring.  I am here to tell you that in my pueblo of Jocotepec, … Continue reading

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A Mexican Working Class Hero

  This is my gardener and pool guy, Antonio.  I’ve mentioned him before, but I think now it’s time to write about him.  Antonio is a great guy, and a hard working one, as so many men here in Mexico are.  … Continue reading

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La Manzanilla….not to be confused with Manzanillo

  Lots of towns in Mexico, as do lots of towns in the US, have the same or similar names.  But it’s important not to get them confused.   As, for example, you shouldn’t confuse Springfield, Illinois, with  Springfield, Missouri, or … Continue reading

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Adventures in Fantasy Land

I’ve been excited for fellow blogger Barbara and her lovely and varied vacation from her vacations – a kind of fantasy in fantasy land, eh?   Well, I’m happy to report my venture into Fantasy Land today ………….. which – while … Continue reading

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The Port of Manzanillo

So, in my last post you read about the “adventure driving” trip to the coast from Jocotepec, and I left you with a view from the patio at the condo where my friends Kathi and Warner are staying for a … Continue reading

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The Trip to Manzanillo

Last Saturday, February 5, I threw a bunch of stuff in the back of my truck, picked up my friend Jonnie and her stuff, and headed west.   Like Balboa, we were seeking the Pacific Ocean, and like him, we found … Continue reading

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Lo siento and mea culpa!

Just a short note to apologize for not posting anything for a while.  I was in Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico for a few days of vacation.  Just got back and will have something new up as soon as possible!  You know, … Continue reading

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Grocery Shopping in Mexico

Last month, I wrote an article about grocery shopping here in Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico. I mentioned that most people here … expats and locals alike … shop at three different places.  First is the mercado or marketplace.  Second is Aurrera … Continue reading

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A New Trend in Restaurant-Speak?

We’ve noticed – maybe in the past two years or so – a new trend in restaurant service, and one that, well, kind of annoys me.   Not in a major way, really (I’m so happy I survived a deer encounter … Continue reading

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