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Facing the truth…part 2

You’ll remember that last week I wrote about women and facelifts here around Lake Chapala.  And said I’d never get one; that I had better ways to spend $4,000US.  Just got a message from my good friend Dom at Petrified … Continue reading

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Crick or Creak?

Shortly after we moved to Montana, I began to work at the Rock Creek Resort and Lodge whereupon I quickly learned that it was Rock “CRICK” Resort and not Rock “CREAK” resort.  So now I knew that a creak was … Continue reading

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Facing the truth

A few days ago, my friend Jonnie and I were discussing facelifts.  We have a mutual friend here who has had quite a bit of plastic surgery done and now looks really good.  During our discussion, Jonnie mentioned that she … Continue reading

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Recycle, reuse, reduce, repurpose

For many years, I worked in the US National Parks.  No, I was not a Park Ranger, although many of my friends were.  I worked for Xanterra Parks & Resorts, which was, for many years, the largest National Park concessionaire … Continue reading

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When cultures collide….

  …. it can be a LOT of fun!  On March 17, 2011, I woke up here in lovely, downtown Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico, and dressed in my green shirt in honor of Ireland’s St. Patrick.  A few hours later, I … Continue reading

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Road Trip!!

It’s been said (but no one seems to know by whom …. not that it matters) that travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, and I certainly couldn’t agree more.  I love to travel and it … Continue reading

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Things That Look Familiar….But Aren’t Quite the Same

There are a lot of things at the grocery stores here that would seem familiar to those who live north of the border.  Familiar, that is, until you get a little closer.  For instance, these little packets are not your … Continue reading

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Slip Slidin’ into Spring!

Just like Barbara, we decided we also needed to launder some of our summer clothes.  Of course, our results were a little bit different.  Spring is also coming to our neck of the woods too.  And we know that, not … Continue reading

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You know it’s getting warm when…

The way I can tell that it’s definitely getting warmer down here is when I dig out the summer clothes from the suitcases they’ve been packed in all winter and throw them in the washer.  Because heaven knows I never wash … Continue reading

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The Very Privilege of It

“You’re struck,” says Michael Perry (one of my new favorite authors) in his book Truck, “by the very privilege of it – to gather together and feast in peace.”   He was talking about a community get-together and meal at the … Continue reading

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