Slip Slidin’ into Spring!

Just like Barbara, we decided we also needed to launder some of our summer clothes.  Of course, our results were a little bit different. 

Freeze Dried Hawaiian!!

Spring is also coming to our neck of the woods too.  And we know that, not because that chicken sh*t groundhog said so, or because there are plants starting to grow, or because the ground is not frozen anymore.  No, we know it because we have just had our first heavy wet snow of the year.  A sure sign of spring, don’t cha know?  All of our previous snows have been light, fluffy and dry.  Not at all good for making snowmen but just right for skiing on, just right for the wind to blow snowdrifts across our walk and drive. 

Looking north up the drive.

Snow covered branches.

Snow covered branches.

Montana, east of the continental divide (the part we live in) is actually classified as high desert country.  We only get 15 to 16 inches of rain in a normal year (most of that comes during the winter) and our average relative humidity ranges from about 50% to 65%.  Thus we have arrived at the time of year when I swear that I am going to kick the ass of the next person who says, “Well, we can always use the moisture.”  Non-dryland agriculture around here survives the growing season on snow melt channeled through a spider web of irrigation ditches.  And woe betide the neighbor who sneaks water out of his neighbor’s ditch.  Folks have been shot for less. 

Old fence along the road.

Some years the spring snows are so heavy that they bend our fruit trees right to the ground and tear down large sections of our deer fence.  Then we have to get out there with a big stick and poke and whack and shake the snow off the branches to save the trees.  This year, so far so good.

Looking to the west.

While this is only the first of the spring storms, the ground will start to thaw and the crocuses will be starting to poke their little green heads through.  And then for about 6 weeks or so our hills and valleys will be full of too many shades of green to be counted.  For a short time we rival Ireland for the title of “greenest of all lands.”

But until then we live in hope.  And as Karen always says, “It really is pretty out after a storm.”

Our neighbors hay bales.

Waiting for summer plants.

Joe’s bench.



Snow laden branches.


Snowy raspberries.


Looking towards the tee house.

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2 Responses to Slip Slidin’ into Spring!

  1. Barbara says:

    the ice and snow pix are absolutely gorgeous. however, i think i prefer just looking at them to being in them.

    freeze dried hawaiian! ja ja ja ja. wacka wacka wacka.

  2. Joe Haussmann says:

    I agree with Barb! Snow can be very pretty and it certainly, as shown here, makes great photos, but it loses its attractiveness rapidly with every mile you have to drive in it multiplied by the number of other drivers on the road at the same time!

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