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Boss, de coop, de coop!!!!

The whole neighborhood was a-twitter last week or was it a-crowing?  Whatever, there sure were a lot of clucks, tck tcks, buk buk buk bakaas and cockle doodle doos skimming over the air currents.  Darlene was getting a brand spanking … Continue reading

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Road Trip, Concepcion de Buenos Aires

Concepcion de Buenos Aires [CdBA] is a pueblo in Jalisco, Mexico, about a 45 minute drive from Joco.  It’s not large by almost anyone’s standards, supposedly 5,000 folks, although they may be counting all the people who are working in the … Continue reading

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Gloria’s Cafe

  For several reasons, I don’t go out to eat too often down here in Mexico.  The main reason, of course, is money.  It’s just cheaper for me to cook at home, even if some of the restaurants in this … Continue reading

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In Gratitude for Joyce

Our friend Joyce died the end of March and her memorial service was earlier this month.  I’m still, sometimes, in disbelief that she’s gone.   And yet I remain eternally grateful that I knew her, and that she touched and infused my … Continue reading

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Road Trip….Mazamitla

One of the most popular day trips around Lake Chapala is the drive to visit Mazamitla, Jalisco.  Frankly, I’ve never quite understood the fascination.  It’s so atypical of other villages and towns in Jalisco.  Well, now that I think about … Continue reading

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Road Trips….Teuchitlan

Karen recently wrote about road trips and how much she enjoys them.  So do I.  Since I moved to the central highlands of Mexico three years ago, I’ve taken a number of them.  And if any of you ever get … Continue reading

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