Boss, de coop, de coop!!!!

The whole neighborhood was a-twitter last week or was it a-crowing?  Whatever, there sure were a lot of clucks, tck tcks, buk buk buk bakaas and cockle doodle doos skimming over the air currents.  Darlene was getting a brand spanking new chicken coop.

The old chicken coop.

Seems like, last year in the fall, she was visiting her daughter and son-in-law in Missoula to see how far along they had come on the remodel of their house.  Seeing all the old windows, doors, siding and boards piled up along the driveway she remarked, “Sure is a shame to see all that good stuff going to waste.  There must be a way to recycle it!”  Her son-in-law said, “I know.  My Dad can take this crap and build you that new chicken coop you’ve been wanting.”  It took all winter to build.  (You know how retired people can be.  Like it’s so darn important for them to go to Arizona for the winter.)  And that’s why I was standing out in the road.  I wanted to see it arrive on the final leg of its journey from Missoula.

Here it comes!

There it is!

There it goes!

The next day Gary came over with his tractor and they got it off the flatbed and moved into its permanent location.

All settled in.

Wasn’t easy getting this baby around the corner and back of the garage but that’s when growing up on a tractor seat comes in handy.  The window in the side is from the kitchen of the house in Missoula.

Chicken entrance and people entrance.

The door came from the side of the garage.  Note, electricity.  No more 100 foot extension cords to keep the little critters warm in the winter.

Looking inside--the most important part.

That’s the nesting boxes on the left and the roosting bars on the right.  The roosts are removable so they can be taken outside to clean the poop off.  A big advance over the old one.  The new baby chicks (soon to arrive) will be the first inhabitants of the coop.

North side of the coop.

This is the view from one of horse pastures.  Now all the horses are jealous and are petitioning for new stalls.

Cackle Berries

The fruits of the labor of our hardworking neighbors.  Happy chickens make happy eggs.

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One Response to Boss, de coop, de coop!!!!

  1. anna says:

    WOW I loved this little story, that’s a fine chicken house!

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