Roadside Attraction

Just about 6 miles down Highway 212 from our home is–a roadside attraction?–a work of folk art?–a result of passion?– a labor of love?–or obsession?

The Pathway through the Bible as told in stone construction.

From about 1957 through 1980, Adolph Land along with help from his wife and others, constructed this monument to the happenings, stories and people outlined in the Bible.  There is an actual path to follow through the installations but not being a linear type guy and not having had much association with the Bible over my life, I just wandered around recording what struck my fancy.

The original entrance building and gift shop.

The attraction is now owned by Rick and Verdine Williams who live on the property and maintain the stone structures.   The Pathway is still open to the public and donations for maintenance are gratefully accepted.  Oh, and it is FREE!  There is much more to see than just what appears here.  There are installations depicting the crucifixion, the resurrection, Enoch, Moses, the tomb of Lazurus and much, much more, including an old time sun dial and one of the first electrified street lamps from Billings, so if you are in the area stop by and see ’em all.  Say Hi to Rick and Verdine and if you want to say hi to us, well, just ask them how to find “the place with the yellow bikes.”

Adam and Eve. They look very much in love, don't they?

Solomon's Porch. Note the lack of chaise lounges.

Lot's wife, a pillar of the community.

Away in the manger.

The Creation of the Earth and the Stars. Don't bother looking for Pluto! Neil Degrasse Tyson did away with it.

Peace and Love!! Dang hippy slang.

Daniel in the Lion's Den. Feeding time is at 2 every third Wednesday.

Sermon on the Mount. The stones represent the multitude. Nothing represents the fishes and the loaves.

Evidence of miracles.

King Tut's tomb, maybe. Thank you Steve Martin. Now that song is stuck in my head.

Joseph's granary. Never heard about this one but from the size of it, he was big into making bagels.

Mount Ararat. Resting place of the Ark?

Photo taken from the parking lot of the Bible in Stone. Looking back towards the town of Joliet and the Beartooth Mountains.


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