The Life of Pie

Michael’s never been much of a pie guy, and, well, it wouldn’t be on my top list of desserts either.  Cookies, cake – they’re all good –  but my weakness is ice cream.  In fact, at our wedding long, long ago, we didn’t even have cake.  We chose, instead, to make hand-cranked ice cream.

But, recently, I’ve been more open to the idea of pie – especially as we started getting too many apples from our two little dwarf apple trees a few years ago to just eat out of hand.  So, I became something of an apple pie aficionado at the time.  Then last summer, our cherry tree, which we’d been babying from the deer and elk and birds, yielded just enough cherries for the first time for one pie.  And I discovered just how outstanding that fresh cherry pie can be.

I was pretty excited in early spring this year when the tree put out an abundance of beautiful, bee-humming blossoms.

These blossoms turned into tiny green marblets, which gradually increased in size, and started to turn pink.  When the cherries started turning shades of red, brave birds somehow figured out how to get beyond the screening and started gorging on cherries. Once the birds got in, though, they couldn’t seem to find the motivation to get out, and we’d have to rescue them.

By late summer, much of the tree was ablaze with crimson cherries, and we figured we’d better start picking the red ones before the birds got them all.

After some cleaning, pitting, and making of pie dough, the cherries were mixed with sugar, cornstarch, and a smidgen of almond flavoring, resulting in definite cherry bliss:

The next morning, I came into the kitchen, and the pie seemed to be ….. glowing …. almost lit from within.  Of course, it was just the morning sun back-lighting the crust and juices, but it made pie seem even more magical.

Does the fact that we babied this cherry tree for five years, screened it in from deer and bird predation, stood in the hot sun to pick the cherries, and then spent hours meticulously pitting them contribute to the pie’s goodness?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Whatever the reason for the pie’s tastiness, though, wethoroughly enjoyed it.   And, with enough cherries in the freezer to make six more pies, we’ll be enjoying the fruits of five year’s labor all winter long.

Remember the movie Michael  where John Travolta plays the archangel Michael, and claims to have invented pie?  And Andie McDowell singing her pie song?  Pie, Pie, me, oh my, I love pie.  I’ve got to agree that pie is definitely pretty darn heavenly, and can rank right up there with cakes and cookies, and is maybe only made better topped with a scoop of homemade ice cream.


About Karen

While loving the wizardry of words, I also love to travel because of that present-moment sense that each day is a gift to unwrap that the experience of travel conveys so well. Other passions include hiking, gardening, photographing, movies and documentaries, reading, writing (I've finished my first novel .... and seeking an agent) and entering recipe contests. Michael and I are both fascinated with factory tours, literary landmarks, and seeking restaurants mentioned in novels - just to see if they exist. Our favorite restaurant we've found this way is the Nuevo Latino-style Yuca ( in Miami.
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4 Responses to The Life of Pie

  1. Kathi says:

    Oh cherry pie!!! Had forgotten about that blissful treat. Your crust looks to be perfect!
    We don’t see many cherries here in Mexico.
    Hummm might have to plan a trip to Montana at cherry picking time.

  2. Barbara says:

    For whatever reason, i was singing the pie song from “Michael” a couple of weeks ago! i’m one of those people who LOVE pie. in reality, i really want a birthday pie on my special day. and, lord knows, i have caused some meringue disasters by trying to plant candles in there and then lighting them! my personal favorite pies? chess; pecan; key lime; lemon meringue; and coconut cream!

    and, in honor of your post and the late jani lane [RIP, dude], here’s a link:

  3. Karen says:

    Kathi, you just come up to Montana anytime. Our cherry picking time is late July/early August, depending on the spring weather. Barbara, what a great video! Thanks.

  4. Johna805 says:

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