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Some Fun in the Winter Sun ….. and Moonlight, too

I’ll admit it – I’m challenged by winter in Montana.   It’s not so much the cold, as the fact that it’s dark for most of the day (or so it seems) and I just want to sit inside, next … Continue reading

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Home ownerish things

I have never in my life owned a home, nor have I ever wanted to.  While lots of people see home ownership as a way of establishing roots and/or having something to leave behind for their children, I’ve always seen it as … Continue reading

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So….what next??

My friend Richard recently wrote me and asked where I would be without parades to blog about.  And my blog friend Gaby commented that parades are a strange phenomena in the sense that they are ritualized ways to stare at other … Continue reading

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My Personal Tragedy

A couple of weeks ago I wrote that I had undergone and/or experienced a personal tragedy.  The tragedy was that my cat, Lukita, died on 6 January 2012.  Healthy and happy, she opened up one of the garage doors that … Continue reading

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The Agricultural Parade, Jocotepec, 13 January 2012

You will remember that in my last post, I told you that each parade during the Senor del Monte festival is sponsored by a different group.  The parade on 13 January was the one financed by the agricultural workers and … Continue reading

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It’s Fiesta Time Again in Jocotepec

It’s fiesta time again in Jocotepec!  We’re in the middle of our patronal festival honoring Senor del Monte, the Lord of the Mountain.  I just love these days in Joco.  There’s a parade every day, complete with marching bands, floats, … Continue reading

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Jocotepec Plaza

I’ve had a bit of personal tragedy in my life within the past couple of days, about which I may write. But in the interim, I thought that you might enjoy this video from my blogger acquaintance, Sid Grosvenor.  It’s … Continue reading

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Lonches and Tacos

See that delicious looking thing above?  That, my friends, is a lonche.  And that particular one was prepared by my blogger friend and dynamite cook, Leslie [].  Lonches, sometimes called tortas, are the Mexican equivalent of a sub or hero or … Continue reading

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