The National Ski Joring Finals

So, you might be asking yourself (or maybe not) just what the @#%* is Ski Joring and how the hell do you spell it?  Can’t help you decide which of the 300 ways of spelling it is correct but it is just like water skiing EXCEPT……take away the lake and replace it with a snow covered rodeo arena.  And, oh yeah, replace the 200 HP ski boat with a  quarter horse and in place of that nice yellow poly tow rope get a hold of 50 feet of the 1″ thick rope that Big Bob uses to pull stubborn bulls out of mud bogs, wrap it around your waist and stick your feet onto snow skis.  Then when the flag drops prepare to have your entire spinal column rearranged as your driver, sorry…rider, puts the spurs to 1200 pounds of horse flesh and you skim around the track getting airborne on every bump.  Mud is flying everywhere.  Snow is flying everywhere.  Horse and rider flying by.  Skier flying by.  Fastest time around the oval wins.  Wins what?  How much?  Whatever, it in no way compensates the riders for hauling their horses to the arena and for the skiers to come from remote places in Canada.  It is done for the thrill of it all.  So lets look at a few pictures of the finals competition that took place in Red Lodge in early March.

Pure power!

Hey it’s Montana! We don’t need an excuse to cook a dead cow.

Don’t lose it now, pardner!

Awww, come on guys. You had tofu burgers last year!

Classy Boots

Mamas, don’t let your babies grow up to be cowgirls.

Ahh, spring roads.

The only way to end the day…with an IPA at the local brew pub in Red Lodge

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1 Response to The National Ski Joring Finals

  1. Kathi says:

    Y’all have entirely too much darkness up there.
    That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen!

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