Los Crotos, San Luis Soyatlan, Jalisco, Mexico

Over the past couple of days, I literally spent several hours writing a blog about my recent overnight stay at Los Crotos hotel in the little town of San Luis Soyatlan, about 15 miles east of Jocotepec on the south shore of Lake Chapala.  And now it’s gone.  I don’t know what I did, but it’s gone.  These things happen.  Ask anyone who blogs.

Suffice to say that a couple of weeks ago, on one of our local forums [http://lagunachapala.com/], I won an overnight stay for two, including dinner and breakfast.  On Saturday, 30 June 2012, I took advantage of that prize and had a GREAT time!

But instead of trying to recreate the whole blog, I’m going to include a series of photos that I took and recommend that if you are in this area, you should definitely take advantage of the inexpensive rates at Los Crotos and have yourself a merry little teeny, tiny roadtrip like my friend Jonnie and I did!

There are only five rooms at Los Crotos and Jonnie and I had “Sur”.  We needed two separate beds and this one is on the second floor of Los Crotos with great views looking north across Lake Chapala:

The rooms aren’t particularly fancy, but the price is right, the beds are very, very comfortable and with a balcony or terrace right outside your door, you probably won’t be spending much time in there anyway.

Jonnie and I had several cocktails on the balcony with our new friends Ellen and Albert and then had a fabulous dinner served right upstairs on the same table.  Talk about your room service!

By the way, normally we would not have lugged out drinks of choice with us, but because it was the weekend of the Mexican presidential election, no establishments were allowed to sell alcoholic beverages, so we brought our own.  Normally, you can buy your drinks at the hotel.

Not only is the upstairs balcony gorgeous, so is the downstairs dining area and garden:

For more information about Los Crotos, check out their website: http://www.loscrotos.com/

About Barbara

in april of 2008, i moved from the united states to mexico. during my working days, i held lots and lots of jobs....almost all chosen because they were fun or interesting instead of how much they paid. when i started thinking about retirement (in my 40s), i realized that i would never be able to retire to a country where english was the native language. and although i had traveled to every state in the US -- and lived in lots of them -- i had never been outside the country with the exception of canada and mexico. and since you now know that i could never afford to retire in canada (even to the french-speaking area), mexico won by default.
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2 Responses to Los Crotos, San Luis Soyatlan, Jalisco, Mexico

  1. gped2 says:

    Fantastic! Which I had been there to enjoy that little holiday with you. Ed

  2. cynthia says:

    hi can anyone give me the contact number or email for the crotos posada I am very interested. thank you

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