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Let’s all go to the fair!

Monday was “Free for Geezers Day” at the Yellowstone County Fair.  For all of you who don’t speak AARP, geezer is defined as anyone over 62 whether you have gray hair or not.  “Free for Geezers Day” is kind of … Continue reading

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Christmas Stroll

About 22 miles to the south of us, nestled up against the foothills of the Beartooth Mountains, is the town of Red Lodge, our county seat.  The town was established in 1884 and before that had a long history of … Continue reading

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Gates of the Mountains and Lewis and Clark

1805–July 19–evening.  Location–north of present day Helena, Montana.  The Lewis and Clark expedition pole their boats upstream in search of the headwaters of the Missouri River.  They enter into a limestone canyon whose walls soar 1200 feet above the surface … Continue reading

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The National Ski Joring Finals

So, you might be asking yourself (or maybe not) just what the @#%* is Ski Joring and how the hell do you spell it?  Can’t help you decide which of the 300 ways of spelling it is correct but it … Continue reading

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Blue Jeans Blues

There is a special Valentine’s Day sweetheart dinner coming up soon and I realized that I didn’t have any decent jeans to wear.                                   … Continue reading

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The dreaded Christmas letter.

We all write them.  We all get them.  We all dread them.  And with those thoughts in mind, Karen and I started to share the task of producing the yearly missive.  On even years, Karen gets to write the letter … Continue reading

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Roadside Attraction

Just about 6 miles down Highway 212 from our home is–a roadside attraction?–a work of folk art?–a result of passion?– a labor of love?–or obsession? From about 1957 through 1980, Adolph Land along with help from his wife and others, … Continue reading

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Cinco de Mayo for white people!

I know, I know!  It’s now May 19th.  So, what am I doing posting about the 5th of May?  Easy answer—Been to darn busy trying to keep up with the arrival of spring.  Grass to cut, plants to plant, trees … Continue reading

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Boss, de coop, de coop!!!!

The whole neighborhood was a-twitter last week or was it a-crowing?  Whatever, there sure were a lot of clucks, tck tcks, buk buk buk bakaas and cockle doodle doos skimming over the air currents.  Darlene was getting a brand spanking … Continue reading

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Crick or Creak?

Shortly after we moved to Montana, I began to work at the Rock Creek Resort and Lodge whereupon I quickly learned that it was Rock “CRICK” Resort and not Rock “CREAK” resort.  So now I knew that a creak was … Continue reading

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