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Been Missing Me????

I am so sorry that I haven’t written previously.  I’m not dead!  And that’s the really good news; right?  (Although there’s nothing wrong with that….being dead, I mean!) I just haven’t had much to say or report.  I finally got … Continue reading

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When the Circus Comes to Town

See that picture up there?  That’s my friend Phyllis checking something off of her bucket list.  I unfortunately was not there to see her do it, but I’m happy for her and proud of her nonetheless.  And also excited that … Continue reading

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Old Folks and Orphans

There are a lot of old folks and orphans in our area of Lake Chapala and throughout Mexico.  From the perspective of a gringa from the United States, there are a rather startling number of kids in orphanages around here.  And … Continue reading

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A New Trend in Restaurant-Speak?

We’ve noticed – maybe in the past two years or so – a new trend in restaurant service, and one that, well, kind of annoys me.   Not in a major way, really (I’m so happy I survived a deer encounter … Continue reading

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I SWEAR I went to see the guys….

This week and next, the first two weeks in January, the pueblo of Jocotepec, where I live, celebrates its patron saint, Senor del Monte, with daily parades and pilgrimages, fireworks, music, and masses at our large Catholic church.  Each day’s events are … Continue reading

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Shine a Little Light on this Solstice Season

I’ve been doing a little happy dance the past two days, since I know – even though my senses haven’t registered it yet – that we’re heading back towards summer (eventually) and light … light …. light!!!  I don’t really mind … Continue reading

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WTF kinda name is that for a blog?

a few weeks ago, i had a dream.  unfortunately, not the martin luther king, jr. kinda dream wherein i envisioned a way to make the world a better place.  no, nothing so grandiose as that.  instead, i had a dream … Continue reading

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