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A Road Trip to a Really Cool Time at Norris Hot Springs

It’s that time of year in Montana when we couldn’t agree more with Henry James:  “The two most beautiful words in the English language are summer afternoon.”  Especially after this past winter, we’ve been thoroughly enjoying not just summer afternoons, … Continue reading

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Two Ingredient Goodness …. and a Step Back In Time

Those of us who grew up in the 50’s and 60’s remember, with fondness, the ubiquitous Icebox Cakes.   From what little information I’ve been able to find, Icebox cakes became popular in this country in the 20’s and 30’s … Continue reading

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Photos…..Admit it, you want to see some!

I  know that one of the things that folks like on blogs are photos.  I haven’t taken any new ones lately  because my camera is not working, but I did realize that I have some that you may not have … Continue reading

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Ay Caramba!

Well, Karen and Michal, coincidentally, I too have a chili story or two!  And, yes, Karen and Michael, we do have all them kinds of chiles down here, I think!  Although even in Jocotepec, you’d have to search around.  We … Continue reading

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Hurts So Good

When it comes to high-octane food, there’s nothing with more oomph than chile peppers from the Genus Capsicum. When you’re looking for a little extra sizzle for your vittles, these culinary gems offer a wide range of heat-enhancement options.  That heat … Continue reading

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What Should I Bring with Me?

One of the things that we expats in Mexico (and probably expats anywhere) get asked constantly via web boards is “What should I bring with me and what should I leave behind when I move?”  While expats as individuals have … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts from Joco

The description of our blog says ‘Here be random thoughts.’  That was written by my friend and fellow author, Michael, I believe, but it be true nonetheless.  So here are a few of my own random thoughts from the past … Continue reading

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Our Spiritual – and Spirited – Summer Thursday Nights at St. John’s

Despite the weather and the date on the calendar, summer for us doesn’t officially begin until the advent of St. John’s Summer Concert Series in Billings in early July.  This retirement and nursing home community has as its mission to … Continue reading

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Life in Joco: Errand Day

While most of the things I need and/or want can be purchased right here in Joco, sometimes an errand day to Chapala and/or pueblos in between is required (as, occasionally, is one to Guadalajara). Last week, my friend Kathi and … Continue reading

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R.I.P, Pepe the Prozac kitty

My loyal readers will remember when I adopted Pepe Zorillo from the local animal shelter. And you’ll also remember that I had to put him on Prozac to keep him from attacking me. Unfortunately, the Prozac did not work.  From … Continue reading

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