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Mexico…It’s Not for Everyone

I was making comida for myself today and thinking about some of the e-mails I’d read and a conversation I had the other day with a woman newly moved to Mexico and I realized that no matter how much I … Continue reading

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What Should I Bring with Me?

One of the things that we expats in Mexico (and probably expats anywhere) get asked constantly via web boards is “What should I bring with me and what should I leave behind when I move?”  While expats as individuals have … Continue reading

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The Big Search

Since the beginning of 2013, the rules for gringos in Mexico have been changing pretty thick and fast.  Even our local gringo lawyer can’t keep up with them.  When I moved down here in 2008, there were basically four kinds … Continue reading

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A Place to Live in Concepcion de Buenos Aires, Jalisco, Mexico

I’m having a great time going through my photos and looking back at my time here in Mexico since I arrived almost exactly four years ago.  So I’m going to continue this stroll down memory lane, but with more of … Continue reading

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Me? An expat??

      I’ve been giving some thought to what Michael wrote about he and Karen being expats themselves in a way (see his posting, Montana on my Mind), and I think he’s on to something.  Perhaps the term expat needs to be broadened….or … Continue reading

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