The Penance Kitties

rosie and sierra (1)

A few weeks after I had had to put Pepe down, I saw a message on one of my local web groups from a woman in Chapala Haciendas who wrote that she had two cats available for adoption.  Her message read:

“Sadly, I need to find a home(s) for my two cats. I have been informed by my doctor, an ENT, that my allergy to them is exacerbating my chronic sinus condition. I recently had to have nasal surgery, but the problems persist because of my cats.

I adopted them both as kittens from the shelter at the Drs. Ladron.They are both calico cats, female, spayed, approx. 8 lbs each, with front paws only declawed, and are completely litter-box trained. Rosalita (Rosie), 4.5 years old, typically black/brown/white, is exquisite and delicate, with the silkiest long hair imaginable. Sierra, 4 yrs old, is predominantly white, with short, satiny hair, and is a spunky, inquisitive broad. They are both primarily indoor cats, although they do go in and out of my walled yard.

Rosie is EXTREMELY shy, and Sierra is extremely independent. They will let YOU know when they desire love and attention. They do not need to be adopted together. 

I am a total cat lover, and this breaks my heart to make this choice. My other, worse, and almost unimaginable option would be to have them both put down. I pray that this will not be the outcome.

Can anyone help?” 

Well, you can guess who came to “help.”  So I now have Sierra and Rosalita (pictured above).  I call them the penance kitties because no one else on the board expressed any interest and so I felt as if I were saving their lives.

I’ve had them now for about two months.

When I brought them home to Jocotepec, they both headed under the bed, which didn’t surprise me.  I mean, that’s what kitties do when they are freaked out; right?  But within a few days Sierra (the white one) was out and about.  Sniffing a lot and checking things out.  And within another week, she was rubbing against my legs.

But when the previous owner said that Rosalita is EXTREMELY shy, she wasn’t kidding!  It took Rosalita at least a month to get out from under the bed and socialize in any way.  For that month, I had to keep the litter box in my bedroom, as well as her food bowl.

But finally, Rosalita started to show herself in the living room (right next to the bedroom).   And these days she spends a lot of time on the chair in the living room and the rest of her time outside.

They’ve both finally figured out who feeds them and they both like their food, so we’re getting  closer and closer to being a little family.

Pepe could never replace Luquita/Lucky (I don’t think that any cat can), and Sierra and Rosalita can’t really replace Pepe, but at least I don’t have to fear for my life when Sierra rubs against my ankles, although I still flinch in fear.

And I know that adopting two cats doesn’t make up for killing one.  But it’s the only penance that I can do.

Now that’s enough of sad stories, and from here we’ll go to things more fun!

4 Responses to The Penance Kitties

  1. Sheila Poole says:

    A great story, Barbara! Happy for you and the kitties.

  2. Kathi says:

    The kitties are darling and getting to be affectionate……they’re so nice and Barb is just the best kitty mom ever! These are mature cats and just what you’d expect from kitties. I’m so glad our Barb got them. Happy for all 3 of them!

  3. jhuber7672 says:

    They look and sound sweet 🙂

  4. Karen says:

    They look so cute. And shy Rosalita – a whole month to come out. But, out she came. Happy for all of you.

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